Resin Thickener 1kg (Fumed Silica)

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Resin Thickener (Fumed Silica) is a Rheology Modifier used to thicken epoxy resin. Treated with PDMS which results in hydrophobic silica providing a higher performance value than untreated fumed silica.

Highly suited for modifying the consistency and thickness of both Tinted and Clear epoxy resins.

Consistency Guide:

  • The addition rate may vary slightly between fully formulated tinted and clear systems.
  • Un-Thickened (Syrup) =  Drips off vertical surfaces.
  • Slightly Thick (Tomato Sauce) 10-20% by volume = Sags down vertical surfaces.
  • Moderately Thick (Mayonnaise) 30-50% by volume = Clings to vertical surfaces.
  • Very Thick (Peanut Paste) +100% by volume = For use as a glue for bonding/filling.

IMPORTANT: Resin that has been made Moderately or Very Thick will not self-level.

For more information, please see this video:

  • Suitable with all APC Epoxy Resins.
  • Can thicken to a paste consistency.

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